Thinking of Italy immediately makes you think of the sea, the summer, the warm sun that is reflected on the very clear surface of the water. It definitely makes you think of ice cream, the crowded and very hot streets in the afternoon. But Italy is not only summer tourism, indeed, in Winter it becomes a great destination for your holidays. From November to March, in fact, even if the temperatures do not allow you to go to the sea there are many other activities you could do! 


Skiing in the Alps

The mountain range par excellence: the Alps. They cross all of Northern Italy and then join the chain of the Apennines that instead crosses all of Italy. The best known destination is certainly Courmayeur near Mont Blanc, but there are also other places (less crowded) that allow skiing, such as the mountains in Tuscany. There are numerous mountain parks that allow the curious, experts but also beginners to take part in ski or snowboard trails.


Watch a soccer game!

During the winter, the football championship takes place in Italy, as well as in the rest of Europe. Many of the Italian stadiums are real theaters in which to sit and enjoy the show. The numerous Italian divisions allow fans to watch more than one game a week. This is a very hectic and exciting activity!


Christmas markets

During the Christmas period Italy is full of Christmas markets. We are talking about both physical stores and random points in the most narrow and hidden streets of Italy. In particular cities like Naples it is normal to see these places, where you can buy not only Christmas decorations but also gifts usually not sold elsewhere.



Italy is one of the places with the most UNESCO sites. This means that you can visit different types of places of culture, including museums that are perfect to visit in winter because they are indoors and therefore far from the cold! In addition, Winter is a period of "low season" for cultural trips, as a result there will be much less rows and you will be able to enjoy the works of art without too much stress.


Visit the "sagre"

A "sagra" is a local or regional festival dedicated to a certain type of food (or drink). Usually the festivals are an opportunity not only to meet with all the citizens, but also give the opportunity to attend historical events and participate in unique events. Among the most famous festivals we remember that of the Black Truffle in Tuscany, but every region and every city has its typical things.


Theatrical season

From La Scala in Milan to the Teatro San Carlo in Naples, Italy is certainly second to none in terms of theatrical performances, indeed... In Winter the theater season is full of shows and very interesting works and is a great way to spend time avoiding the bitter cold.