It's time to simplify your check-in, here come the Automatic Hub Lockers. Here's how they work and where to find them

The complexities of the past year have brought to light problems and difficulties in every industry, highlighting what needed to be improved. Being able to fit check-ins into a host's schedule can be very complex, especially during high season, when people often end up giving up their private life and living completely in function of their work. 


Automatic Hubs are born as a solution to this problem but also to many others that we will analyze below. A support for hosts and a way to simplify the booking of services. Not only to experience the moment of handing over the keys in safety and tranquility, for both the client and the host, but also to show activities and book services in an intuitive way, thanks to the Totems. Let's see together what it is all about.


The difficulties in ensuring security

Limiting contacts for the protection not only of oneself and one's family but also of the client himself is the priority these days. The idea of interfacing with strangers can create discomfort, which is why reducing encounters with strangers wherever possible is a necessity. 


Especially during high season, it can often happen to find long lines for the delivery of keys, for requests for information or reservations; in short, crowds and people waiting for a long time. 


Avoiding this can be a problem for the health of guests is essential to ensure a truly safe stay.


Not only Covid-19 

Check-in issues are not just about coronavirus and security. Managing multiple check-ins, calmly explaining all of the services, and meeting guests' requests can sometimes become really complex. 


Clients who find themselves enjoying the facilities and starting their vacations don't want to be told no, and inconsistencies with schedules or unfulfilled requests can be grounds for cancellation. Those who want the keys to the apartment immediately and those who travel arriving at the facility late at night, all guests have the right to be satisfied with their stay and starting off on the right foot with a comfortable and safe check-in is the key to everything. 

All services everywhere with Totem 

The Totem allows you to sell all the services on the company owner's portal or from other sites like Airbnb Experience, Viator, Get Your Guide, etc.... 


No more queues to book, customers can calmly view the products and choose the one that suits them best directly from the Totems. No more problems for customers who have difficulty in using the equipment independently, thanks to the voice assistants to be installed to guide the user in the choice. 

Locker: the solution to check-in problems

In order not to give up your private life, delivering keys late at night or waiting for guests for hours because the plane was late, lockers are the solution.


Thanks to the convenient security drawers, hosts will be able to deposit the keys to the property and, after providing the pin code to the customer, there will be no more worries about the collection. At any hour or time it will be possible to pick up the keys of the apartment and start your stay, without interfacing with strangers and in total safety and health. 

Contactless check-in: the advantages 

So, summarizing, what are the advantages of this service?


Zero waiting time. Once the keys are deposited in the special box, they can be picked up whenever you want, eliminating waiting time for the host and the customer. 

Availability H24. Whatever time the guest decides to arrive, it will be possible to withdraw the keys of the apartment.

Zero contacts. The delivery takes place in total safety and without any kind of contact with the host or other customers in line. This means respecting all Covid-19 provisions and guaranteeing your guests a stay in complete protection. 

Unique code. The security code to unlock the hub is unique, without running the risk of hiccups. 

Support other businesses in the vicinity. By necessarily having to go through the hubs to pick up the keys, businesses in the vicinity of the safes will also enjoy benefits. Bars, pubs, restaurants in the surrounding areas will have a higher turnout.


What do you think?

Do they seem like a solution to some of the most common problems?