The island of Pantelleria is a splendid oasis located in the center of the Sicilian Channel. A place located in a strategic geographical position, with an area rich in resources that have made this place a heritage of biodiversity and hospitality of the peoples of the Mediterranean. A small paradise to discover, which combines different traditions and cultures into a special whole. 

Today we take you to discover this magnificent area, for you the 6 things to see absolutely if you are about to leave for your holidays! 

1. Lago specchio di Venere

So called because the legend says Goddess Venus looked at herself in the lake before meeting Bacchus, the Lake Mirror of Venus is a natural lake that occupies the crater of a volcano, more or less in the center of the island. A show of colors, surrounded by flora and fauna that make this place a must visit. A place loved by birdwatchers, for the many species of birds that can be seen, including flamingos. 


For those looking for a little relaxation and well-being, this place is also admired for its thermal muds. Inside, in fact, there are tanks from which water over 50 degrees comes out, with muds with a thousand benefits.

2. Balata dei Turchi


Not very close to Pantelleria Centro, Balata dei Turchi is one of the most fascinating places on the island. According to what is said, it was once a natural stopover used by pirates, today a fantastic bay with spectacular backdrops and a ridge of a thousand colors. 


3. Favare


Once they were exploited by farmers to obtain water for animals, the Favare are jets of water vapor that come out from cracks in the rock. With a temperature that reaches even 100 ° C, they can be reached on foot by a path along a stony path that climbs the slopes of the mountain, south of the island. 

4. Elephant Arch


Another completely natural spectacle is the Arco dell'Elefante, a seaside resort famous for its huge elephant-shaped rock in lava stone. The rock, which creates a large arch reminiscent of a large proboscis, is one of the symbolic locations of the island of Pantelleria and, every year, attracts hundreds of curious tourists. The place is located east of the island and is easily accessible by car.


5. Gadir

Located east of Pantelleria, Cala Gadir is a small port that is worth visiting. 

The name, of Arab origin, literally means "basin of water", a place where a few meters deep two wrecks dated between the third and second centuries BC were found. 

A place, according to the stories, discovered by the Punic. A destination not to be missed, especially for divers. 

6.Castle of Pantelleria


The Castle of Pantelleria is a medieval monument in lava stone, which was used as a prison until 1975. The imposing building overlooks the seafront and is open from June to September, hosting numerous events of the Pantelleria summer season. Absolutely to visit, especially since, since 2015, it is the museum of the most important archaeological finds of the island, including the famous Imperial Heads.