If you're thinking of visiting Italy, you've probably heard that autumn is a great idea. Find out why September and October are the best months to visit Italy.


Although Italy is beautiful to visit all year long, the central and southern parts of the country are perfect for autumn, thanks to their mild climate. These destinations, which are usually preferred by lovers of the sea, culture and typical gastronomy, take on a different flavour each season. 


Autumn, however, seems to be the best time to go, and here's why. 


1.The weather is perfect

In addition to breathtaking landscapes and captivating gastronomic experiences, those who set out to discover the South of Italy are usually fascinated by the sea and its many shades. At this time of year, contrary to popular belief, the climate is ideal. In summer, the temperature rises to over 40°C, so if you are not used to these temperatures, your holiday could be a problem. 


This time of year, however, the climate is pleasant, the nights are cool, and the days are ideal for walking, going to the beach or going on adventurous excursions. 


2.No mass tourism


Although the period is ideal for going away, the tourist spots are less crowded, partly because of those who are bound by work to leave in August. The beaches are more enjoyable and the climate is more relaxed. You can fully enjoy yourself by reading a book, having a chat and living a peaceful holiday. In general, all the sights are less crowded, so you can enjoy everything without queues and crowds. 


This means not only peace and relaxation but also more choice. You can take a boat trip, make a reservation at a restaurant serving typical cuisine, visit a museum, enjoy all that the South has to offer and experience creative activities that will help you discover the magic of our area. 


3.Prices are cheaper 


As the crowds decrease, prices are cheaper. Not only planes and accommodation, but also beaches and attractions, as the crowds dwindle, offer services at lower prices. A chance to enjoy the same experiences but at a better price!


4.Best food and drink


In Italy it is well known that you can eat very well in every place and season of the year, that's for sure. In this period, however, depending on the decrease in the number of people, you will be able to book the best restaurants, enjoy a relaxing dinner and stay at the table as long as necessary, without the waiter nervously trying to send you away. 


We recommend this period to visit traditional farmhouses, which are usually very crowded and always full, or to go to local festivals, where you can taste typical dishes and attend cultural events showing local traditions.


5. Ready for hiking


If you want to get away from a day at the beach or visiting cultural sites, you can go hiking or hiking in the mountains. This is the best time of year, thanks to the ideal temperature. There are plenty of places to visit and explore and they are usually well signposted. Choose a route that suits you, but try not to go off half-cocked. There are plenty of organised tours and local guides ready to take you on unforgettable excursions.